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Amish Friendship Bread

About this time last year my best friend, who is no Betty Crocker, came to me with this recipe for Friendship Bread, she had made her batch and was passing a starter to me. I think I was more surprised that she was into this than the fact that she actually made homemade bread, lol. We both started baking bread every ten days, along the way it became addicting to us, we passed starters to our co-workers, friends and even clients in which became addicted to as well. After about 6 months we started running out of associates to give it to so we had to hang in up in hopes that someone else would continue to carry the torch and we would be able to pick back up at a later time. It wasn't that easy seems that Friendship Bread became so addicting that we started an epidemic which in turn created interventions involving surrounding family members, lol. Therefore when we started to have withdraws or even wanted to start the rotation back up again, we couldn't being that everyone had to take a break.

Well now the holidays are surrounding the corners and everyone is asking "when are you going to make that great bread again"? So I went on a mission to find the recipe for Amish Friendship Bread, which was no easy task. Seems that some people don't have much respect for the intent of the recipe itself; it is all in the title as well as in the recipe: FRIENDSHIP Bread.....GIVE starters away. I found many websites wanting to sell their starters as well as claiming that the have matched to recipe perfectly to the Amish recipe but yet have not confirmed it with any Amish citizen, I became disappointed even more.

Then a friend e-mailed me a site, in which I have lost the link to, that claimed to know the ingredients to the starter but did clarify that it was no guarantee. Well I had to try it anyway and being that the guys at the hall were more disappointed about the loss of the recipe than anyone else, they became my testers and with no question as to what was different (if anything) it was gone in an hour and like hungry dogs they were begging for more, lol.

Now I am back at it passing it out for the holidays and bake sales I will have to say that I wanted so bad to start it up that I did not split my starters I saved them to for myself, but now with so much to do, I will start handing them out, lol.

For those of you that are interested here is the first starter:

1  pack (.25 ounce) of active dry yeast
1/4 cup of warm water
1 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milk
dissolve yeast in water and let stand 10 min.
in a separate container combine flour and sugar, mix well
slowly stir in milk and dissolved yeast, mix well to remove lumps
cover loosely and let stand till bubbles leave
pour into Zip Lock bag
you can print out the remaining directions here. Although rather than using 1 1/2 cups just use 1 cup.

REMEMBER, DO NOT use anything metallic in the mixing process.

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