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Artisan Bread

In the search for Amish Friendship Bread I came across 5 min Artisan Bread, sent to me from the same friend. I was very excited about this recipe being that I was almost in the process of purchasing a bread machine, imagine that cost, lol. Therefor I jumped on the BYOB band wagon.

At first I wasn't so sure about my ending product being that I was under the assumption that I would no longer have to buy bread again. The only bread I buy, besides Pillsbury, is loaf bread therefor this recipe was not saving me millions at the grocery store through out the year, but it is a very inexpensive way to portray being in the kitchen all day for those nights of entertainment or family get togethers, especially during the holiday seasons.

I was disappointed that the title carried "in 5 min" being that I have yet to see where it only takes me 5 min, yet none the less I thoroughly enjoyed this recipe and find it worth sharing. All it takes is a few hours but the hours are not filled wi…

Amish Friendship Bread

About this time last year my best friend, who is no Betty Crocker, came to me with this recipe for Friendship Bread, she had made her batch and was passing a starter to me. I think I was more surprised that she was into this than the fact that she actually made homemade bread, lol. We both started baking bread every ten days, along the way it became addicting to us, we passed starters to our co-workers, friends and even clients in which became addicted to as well. After about 6 months we started running out of associates to give it to so we had to hang in up in hopes that someone else would continue to carry the torch and we would be able to pick back up at a later time. It wasn't that easy seems that Friendship Bread became so addicting that we started an epidemic which in turn created interventions involving surrounding family members, lol. Therefore when we started to have withdraws or even wanted to start the rotation back up again, we couldn't being that everyone had to …