2 Reasons Why We Have a Land-Line

Posted on March 28, 2014 in #FireWifeWisdom
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text hereI had been having problems with my phone for a while, nothing major just what I thought was the normal wear and tare. The battery wasn’t holding up to it’s standard, my screen would go black and every now and then it would shut down for no apparent reason, though I had never missed a call and it being only a year old, I couldn’t give up that easy.

The phone I had before this one I had for over 5 years and parting with it was more than sweet sorrow. I literally cried, the phone was like a piece of me that was being ripped away. However it gave me no choice I had to get a new phone…..it basically died in my hand and no amount of battery power could revive it.

That is when I was introduced to the android system….what I know refer to as THE DEVIL!!! I honestly don’t remember the exact phone I ended up getting, I just remember it didn’t last much longer than a year.

Shortly after we moved into our “new” house we decided not to hook up a land line being that we never used the one we had in out “old” home and we had gone 6months without one anyways therefore it really wasn’t a “must have” on our list of needs.

Though I was skeptical …

I was comfortable…….

Then came;

Reason #1

December 7th 2010- Shift day. We had been living this life for over 3 years at this point, so I was use to seeing Mr. Murphy, however I don’t remember my day being “crazy”



My site had more traffic than I had ever seen and it was all because of the coupon classes I was leading to help some friends out on their mission trips. People wanted to know who I was and if I was “for real”. I remember going through old posts and writing new ones, I remember one of the babies not feeling well because I ended up sleeping on the couch and then I remember….

Thinking I was dreaming and trying to wake myself up.

My FF walked through the with a bandage over his head, looking like death. It literally took me a minute or 2 to realize what was going on. On top of concerned, I became so ANGRY! This wasn’t the first time that I needed to be called from the station, not for any reason like this, but reasons! “WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME?” I said “HOW COULD YOU NOT CALL ME!?!” “WHAT HAPPENED?” “WHY ARE YOU EVEN DRIVING?”

I am not ashamed to admit it….I was in  A STATE OF PANIC!

Bless his heart, my hubs, grabbed my hands and sat me on the couch and told me that he did call me…several times. He even left messages and had his chief call me from his phone. He knew it was serious enough for a phone call but not serious enough for a car to come get me……


I looked at my phone and there was nothing, not even the slightest hint of a text or a voice mail. I used his phone to check my messages and sure enough, there they all were, all those messages, even one from his chief telling me no worries he was on his way home.

Right away I went to the cell phone store and got a new phone. Right then I contemplated on getting a land-line but bought a smart phone instead.



All because….

Reason #2

January 12, 2012- It was not a shift night, infact my hubs and I both were so tired we went to bed at the same time, early. By this time my hubs had the same phone as I and I distinctly remember reminding him to set his alarm for 6 o’clock. I must have knocked out as soon as my head hit the pillow because the next thing I remember is waking up to the sound of my alarm clock.

Then the phone rang……

It was a friend of mine whose children I kept, when I answered I could hear panic in her voice. My first thought was something happened to one of the kids. She proceeded with how her and another friend had been trying to reach me ALL night, they even tried my hubs but neither of us would answer. I then learned a mutual friend of ours had committed suicide……


You mean some one called me from a HOSPITAL and I missed the call? My good friend DIED and I MISSED THE CALL??

As I hung up the phone, I looked at it and she wasn’t kidding…….

14 missed calls from 3 different people were staring back at me….

3 were staring back at my hubs on his.

That day was pretty much a blur! Somehow I managed to drag myself to the cell phone store and purchase my first Apple product, the iPhone 4s. I am sure it was probably operator error and not just the Android system itself but I didn’t want to take anymore chances. I needed something reliable, something that I could trust with less viruses and little to no glitches.

As I arrived home that night, I showed my hubs and he walked me into the bedroom……

There it was the most beautiful, most sweetest and one of the greatest things he had ever gotten me….

It was sitting on the night stand right next to my pillow…..


For these reasons we will ALWAYS have a land-line!

Do you have a land-line?

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. ReplyElly

    We keep going back and forth on whether or not we want to get rid of our land line. We don't have a missed call issue on our cells (sometimes we have a person left their phone upstairs on vibrate problem, but....). But one of the reasons we keep it is so we have a number to give to all those places that require a phone number. We rarely answer it, it's 9/10 a telemarketer. And no, I don't want to buy a ticket to this or that or come to this meeting. :D

    • ReplyDana

      Oh we hardly ever answer ours either, everyone knows to leave a message or just call back right away. Our plan is basic without any bells or whistles.

  2. ReplyMelissa

    I did go ahead and get rid of our landline, because it seemed like a waste of money, when we never used it. Every so often when son 2 is asleep and son 3 keeps his on silent and I can't get through to anyone at home, I contemplate reconsidering, but then I just blow it off as an un-necessary expense if son 3 would just stop putting his phone on silent. I'll probably be sorry one day, but since I haven't yet experienced any of your experiences, and I generally have to learn things the hard way....

    • ReplyDana

      Our plan is basic, no bells or whistles, the cheapest they have ;-)

  3. ReplyShecki @ Greatly Blessed

    We had to have a land line to pass a homestudy, but every time we've talked about cancelling it, I've felt uncomfortable with the idea. So it stays. My dh is a firefighter, too. (Well, a captain, now, but yeah.) I totally get the ANGER reaction when they get hurt.

    • ReplyDana

      Nice to meet you Shecki! <3 my land line I am never breaking up with it again! Be sure to check out #firewifelife to meet other firewives if you are interested!

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