So I have seen all of the posts showering Facebook and other social media channels about these fabulous boxes filled the such great stuff. 
I was so intrigued I had to check it our for myself

All this, a $200 value, for less than $40!!

Not too shabby!
Now this best part is if you use the code SUMMERLOVE
And you will receive an extra $10 off

That is an 85% Savings!!!!

So What are you waiting for? Go here-->> to get yours!
Don't forget to use coupon code SUMMERLOVE 

Yes this post does contain affiliate links check out our Disclosure Policy for details

In my absence of extreme couponing, I learned the value of Quality over Quantity.

All that pasta that was on sale and became free with my coupons wasn't quite the quality the taste buds of my children were looking for.

Or when the close out deals would come through because the product was about to expire....Who came up with expiration dates any way, I thought, yet those expiration dates DO MATTER! Therefore more math is needed if you want to buy 40 boxes of cereal that are about to expire in 30 days....DUH!

Yes I know when you extreme smart you donate but honestly unless you are giving the product to some one in need directly there is no way of knowing if that cereal was actually eaten in due time. After the expiration date the pantries will throw them out, in which you just donated to the landfill!

And I knew deep down inside as a cosmetologist that the shampoo I was buying receiving was not good for anyones hair...but it was free! And now I am literally paying the price, therefore I didn't save as much as predicted. It has taken about 3 months to get all of that build up out of my hair! As far as the DIY shampoo that is floating around the internet....Just don't!!

Now I am not insulting the live style in any way, it was the way we lived for a long time and I was quite proud that in our time of need I was able to feed more than one household with coupon knowledge. My children never experienced a night with out food or a time that our table was not full.

I am extremely proud of the fact we were still able to teach our children that as long as we have bread to break we have bread to share.

However I have learned the hard way that Quality does last longer, therefore the extra penny spent stretched farther than the dollar gained.

Also being health issues have changed our lifestyle completely I am learning that those "cheap" products....well, not all but some........I don't care if they are giving them away, they aren't coming back into this household!

I still coupon and I still encourage couponing, I am just more aware now of the products that are on that coupon. Sites that don't fail me;
  • Ibotta has an app that you download and is easy peasy. 
  • SavingStar  gives you your own savings account per say.
  • For your printer needs
  • RedPlum and SmartSource can still be found in your Sunday papers as well as the web
I am aslo leary of the sites that claim to save you thousands, beware those site have hidden agendas!

During my journey of living frugalistically, I have learned the true value of pocket change.

A few years back a big bank company offered a round up program in which they encouraged their clients to enroll in. This program linked their savings and checking accounts together in order to allow an automatic withdrawal from their checking to direct deposit into their savings during every transaction made.

I am not sure of the specific name of this program however I called it the "Round-up Program"....I am sure you will agree it is a very fitting title.

The short description of this program is basically as follows.
  • Make a purchase
  • the sum of your change rounded to the next dollar will be deposited into your savings
So in more laymen's terms
  • if your purchase is $19.01
  • $.99 will be deposited into your savings account
  • making your transaction officially $20.00
See fitting title right?

After seeing this commercial I didn't run off to the nearest branch, instead I thought "this is an ingenious idea!!"

From then on when I balanced my check book I would round up my change and then make a deposit into my checking.....I didn't need no fancy bank to do it for me! 

Of course that was before the downward spiral into the pit of our debt slavery. 

During the journey to debt freedom, debit cards became a popular thing and as time went on there wasn't any reason to write checks anymore, so it was more complicated to round up those transactions without a register booklet. Therefore I began to collet my pocket change.

Even if something cost 1cent more I would not search for a penny, I would bust the dollar in order to throw 99cents in my collection jar. 

As for Pennies alone.....if they were on the ground

I wouldn't touch them unless they were on heads. Ya know, for good luck!

Then someone share this poem with me;

Pennies from Heaven

So every penny I find, I pick up and whisper hello, then place it in my jar.

With that said about 75% of my pennies are "found"......I bet you will think twice before you dismiss a dropped penny again.

Yesterday I sat down and rolled all of my silver coins that were in my jar. From January to today My total came to $250.00

Remember I haven't counted my pennies yet!!


With Operation #EnchantingRecess underway, every little bit helps....

Which means at this point Pinching Pennies is No Laughing Matter!

I have to begin the day my apologizing to those of you that have subscribed to my feeds. I worked real hard yesterday on make sure everything was in tip top shape, especially after coming out of the dark.

I didn't realize things were so messed up until this morning and I am so sorry.

You see I subscribe to my blog as well, not because I want to reread my article...AGAIN, but because I want to make sure you are receiving everything you should and in a timely fashion.

That is why I have 2 feeds;
  1. for ALL articles
  2. Subscribe to by Email
  3. for coupons only
  4. Subscribe to Printable Coupons by Email
So those of you that subscribe to ALL articles, you received 24 updates....oops!

If you notice some of those updates span all the way back to 2013....YIKES!


I hope and pray this does not deter you away from reading any of the articles.....? Do catch up, I have missed you all ;-)

Though I am wondering how many subscribers knew I was back already?

Did you know that the Dollar Tree had a loyalty program?

Neither did I!

But I found it and I am so excited to tell you about it!!

It's called the Value Seekers Club and it is full of exclusive offers. As a member you will be able to receive;
  • FREE catalogs
  • FREE budget friendly recipes
  • FREE craft and diy ideas
  • FREE organizing solutions
  • And so much MORE!
Best of all the entire program is FREE!!!

 Who doesn't LOVE FREE??

As a member you will also be the first to know about online offers, in store deals and store events, all exclusively for MEMBERS ONLY. So hurry and sign up, I have provided you with a direct link, just click the banner to get started.

You definitely want to be a part of this!!

Are you a Perdue fan?

Do you LOVE their chicken?

Do you believe in their company values?

I know I sure do!

and if you do too, you can be apart of the Perdue Crew!

The Perdue crew is made up of some of their biggest fans and by sharing their love for Perdue products news and recipes they are able to earn points, prizes and exclusive coupons.

Today I received 100 points just for logging in!!

Other ways to earn points are;

  • Every approved Instagram photo you upload using the #perduechickenpromotion hashtag earns you 500 points.
  • For every friend you get to join, you’ll score 1,500 points.
  • Create and share your favorite recipes for 500 points.
  • Score 500 points for each additional network you connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Now through June 30th Perdue will be giving away

  • Grilling Tool Sets, 
  • Full Grilling Kits, 
  • A bunch of $100 Amazon Gift Cards =0)

With even more ways to win;

  • Every 500 points earned = an entry into a scratch-off instant win prize. Earn points, go to, and play the scratch-off instant win game. Every time you scratch, you are eligible to win one of eight (8) $100 Amazon gift cards! Limit 20 scratches per member per cycle.
  • Anyone who participates at all this month is entered to win a Grilling Kit. 
  • The top 3 ideas submitted will each win a 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set. 
  • The top 3 recipes submitted will each win a 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set.
  • And finally, 3 randomly selected recruiters will each win a 13-Piece Grilling Tool Set. Every verified friend you recruit into Perdue Crew = another entry into this drawing.
Just head on over and sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account to get started.

Click the photo to get you there ;-)

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received compensation in exchange for promoting this campaign. Any questions? Refer to our Disclosure Policy

I am back only a day and I am blown away by how much the blogosphere has become so commercialized while I was away.........all of less than 3 months = complete discombobulation!

I mean seriously all of the honest connections I had are now gone =0(

This makes me feel all alone in the world wide web. I honestly came back because.... well yes because, yes, I received a pay check that I did not know was coming and thought, to myself, if I could understand exactly what I was doing, maybe, just maybe I could make more money........

And then while trying to reconnect I see that I was not the only one that left. Though some I can not comprehend the abandonment as they were "making bank". Others I see were on the same ship I was sailing and wanted to wade the wanters for a raft to come by, being this ship was over populated.

Needless to say the ocean scenario keeps me a float......

As much as this aggravates me I feel like a hypocrite! I am coming back for the money....or lack there of;
  • I am coming back because my links are still being clicked.
  • I am coming back because people are still liking me. 
  • I am coming back for money. 
  • I am coming back because I am thought of. 
  • I am coming back because I missed this. 
  • I am coming back because it is what I know. 
  • I am coming back because of money.
I made a dime and I want to cash in.

The very thing that is commercializing this atmosphere and fueling my frustrations, is what I came back for. However I am different!

  • I will not link something I do not like
  • I will not suggest something I would not buy
  • I will not recommend something I do not believe in
  • I will not allow compensation to compromise my opinion
  • I will give honest reviews
  • My opinions will remain my own!
I will not change me for you or anyone else! I am who I am and I love Him for all of me!

Just when you thought it was over, you turn a corner and see me standing there. Yes I am back and blogging again.....

As I shared in my "final" post, I wasn't following the savings steps I was preaching therefore felt guilty and convicted of being someone I was not....the very thing I hated about blogging all together. However over the past few months I have come to realize, that Prudent Wisdom isn't about practicing what I preach.

Being Prudent is to be careful and practical, a way of practicing common sense....I was reaching too high.

And Wisdom is to utilize knowledge, experience and understanding.....I may not be the wisest of all fools but I do have the ability to think.

Together Prudent Wisdom is nothing more than one carefully traveling through the journeys of life and sharing each experience in the search of understanding. Whether it be through clipping coupons or pinching pennies being prudent is the way I survive.

So here I stand, well actually sit with a keyboard in my hand, I don't have this it all figured out just yet;

  • I've lost contacts with affiliates
  • I've Disconnected links
  • I left self hosting and came back to blogger
  • I also lost some great posts
But that is just part of the journey!

A lot has changed from the very beginning of this blog, as of now;
  • I have a full time job, in which I love!
  • My hubs has 2 full time jobs, in which he loves!
  • We have 3 kids in school
  • Our oldest is in high school and ready to drive
Needless to say I haven't had time to clip coupons however, I have found some other frugal ways to save money and can't wait to share them with you.

Until then.............
Our sprinkler has bitten the dust and the kids are having withdraws  The hose pipe alone just isn't the same and there is only so much they can do in a swimming pool ;-)

But during my visit with Pinterest I found the wonderful? diy sprinkler made out of a 2 liter bottle and duck tape.

Well it looked wonderful in their pic any way =0/

This is what my pic looks like;

The directions called to gather a 2 liter bottle and a roll of duck tape.
and your hose pipe of course ;-)

 Take a knife and stab one side of the bottle

 Line the hose pipe up just right to the 2 liter bottle

Turn on the water and have fun

However it wasn't very fun =0(

LOL I should have know that anything with duck tape was not going to be a simple challenge.

Thanks for Reading,
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Back in November I wrote a post on Homemade Laundry Detergent, I must confess that I had been using the detergent for 3 months before I wrote the post being I wanted to make sure that it was something Prudent Wisdom worthy.

I didn't want to write a post on something that I did not believe in or use myself ;-)

I also had studied several recipes on Pinterest, therefore, I had to tweak this recipe to my satisfaction in order to share it with you to avoid any false advertisements =0)

So on to the UPDATE.........

I just ran out of detergent =-O

Yep that's right my original recipe lasted my family an entire 7 months!!!

In referring to my last post I saw that I did not post the cost savings.....Shame on ME =0( But with help from Amazon I am going to give you a rough estimate now;

Now you know I DID NOT pay these prices being I shop frugally and with qps, that is why this is ONLY a rough estimate!

Even so Less than $30 has provided my family of 5 laundry detergent for longer than a year. I will have to post an update every time I make a batch, we will see the final cost savings at the time I run out of ingredients. Which by my calculations I should be able to make 4 more batches before I run out of Arm & Hammer. At the rate of 1 batch every 7 months I'm not going to run out for................3 1/2 yrs?!?!


UUUMMMMM that's $.72 a month for Laundry detergent...CHA-CHING!!!!!!


What about you? Are you excited too? Are you making your own laundry detergent? I bet you will now ;-)

 Thanks for Reading,
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Many years ago when I had room for a garden, I utilized the space as much as possible by companion gardening. We (my hubs and I) had so much fun and a lot of success with it. Our garden became a happy hobby for us or blissful chore if you will.

Since we have moved....5yrs a smaller lot of land I have given container gardening a try and yielded no success. I have even tried the hanging gardens, which is now an on going joke in the Prudent Wisdom house. Either I would drown the plants or dry them out. The last of our "crop" was lost during the war with the Ants.


I had almost given up.....ALMOST!

With much anticipation and prayer....yes I have prayed about my garden....I have decided to build a raised bed garden! Against my hubs wished I have mapped our a plan and researched the following scenarios;

  • Succession Plantin
  • Companion Planting
  • SqFt Gardening
As much as I would like to give succession planting and sqft gardening a try, I believe I had better stick to what I know and that is companion planting. Especially since I don't like to use chemicals or pesticides.

Though, I am branching our and trying a few new things such as different kinds of vegetables like;

  • carrots
  • radishes
  • zucchini
  •  summer cabbage
  • sunflowers
My children are on board and can not wait to get started. I am so glad because with everything going on in this house, I am quite certain this garden is going to be the best therapy we can afford ;-)

Tell me how does your garden grow?

Thanks for Reading,
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Of course you can!!

As a matter of fact I do it every year and haven't bought my own candy in 2 years!

I, myself, thought this was an "old" savvy tip and never thought any less of it. My mom told me this secret years ago. She revealed to me that she would often freeze some of our Halloween candy and use it to stuff our stockings at Christmas.


However this year, when I spilled the beans about "my" secret and the Easter candy we hid for our egg hunt. The entire room gasped......even my Grandmother???

"What??" They all shouted

My Uncle made the comment that he wasn't eating what we brought, my aunt snooted her nose and my grandmother,  MY GRANDMOTHER.....I thought she would be proud of me.....Gave me a lecture about how chocolate changes colors.

At this point my hubs stepped in and backed me up on this ingenious idea (I LOVE that man) and vouched that we haven't seen our chocolate change colors. Not to say that it hasn't but it's still good!

Needless to say I was still astonished about the situation by the time we got home that evening and to be sure my mother didn't lie to me....being she didn't back me up......I Googled the idea. I found out that I am not the only "genius" in the world ;-) Infact I found several sites that list more information than I imagined there would be.

Such as:

"Most candy doesn't need to be frozen. 
Sugar is a natural preservative and there's not much else in hard candy."

The Nap Time Chef actually did a taste test comparing frozen candy verses room temp candy.

Fox News even published a report on What to do with left over Halloween candy. Stating:
"Have you ever had a frozen Snickers bar? 
They are delicious, and will taste a lot better if you save them for a time
 when you aren’t candied-out from trick-or-treating."

And this Special Report on how to Make the Most of your Halloween Candy even gives you a chart to go by:

Halloween candy tips

So you see FAMILY and friends you can indeed freeze your left over candy from this year whether it is from Easter, Halloween, Christmas or even Valentines. In fact you can catch those clearance sales this year and be life of the party next year ;-)

Now tell me have you ever frozen candy? or are there other ways to save your left overs?

Thanks for Reading,
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Are you an animal lover?

Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter?

Did you know it could be a project for the WHOLE family?

The boyz and I have been volunteering at our local Animal Control shelter since Christmas. No we have not been cleaning out pens, picking up poop or even have had the pleasure of feeding them but, we have been playing with them.

Did you know that a simple visit with these animals can help prepare them for when their new family comes to get them?

Yep that's right you don't even have to get them out of their pens, just a simple pet with your fingers through the fence does more than you can ever imagine. This is something I learned on our first visit to the Animal Control Shelter. With middle man being a little rowdy and baby boy being a little too young I knew we were limited on what we could do. Yet the officer explained the importance of the animals becoming familiar with human visitors other than the workers.

Which makes since if you think about it; Who wants to adopt an animal that is terrified of them or even fearless of them??

So for several months that was our mission, to play with dogs and cats of all kind to show them the love they are forever seeking. But the greatest joy we received is when we posted these pics on my FB profile;

Three of these babies were placed in loving homes within 48hrs of our post. These dogs have a place in my heart forever and I can only pray that the others will find loving homes very soon. Until then WE will enjoy their company!

Be looking for future posts about our family project. Though our local Animal Control facility is a kill shelter the employees go to great lengths to avoid it, so my boyz and I are going to help!

Now I encourage you to get up and go check out your local facility then tell us about your experience......are you looking to adopt? or share the love?

Thanks for Reading,
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Which means nothing other than I am finally able to knock the dust off this computer and catch up on the "Days of Our Blogs" lol. That is if the boyz don't tie me down first being they are out of school for an ENTIRE WEEK......AAAAAHHHH!!!

Oh how I have so missed ALL of you!!

SO......what have you been up to?

What amaxing adventures have you been on? 

How are the kidz?

Me? Well where do I begin? So much has happened since my last live post that I am not exactly sure where to start.

My boyz are growing tooo fast!! And we have a new addition to the family =0) No, I didn't have another baby (gosh it hasn't been that long!) nor did we adopt.......yet ;-) but we did bring home a 4 legged love from Animal Control. 

Oh I will have to share with you all the days that the Boyz and I were volunteering to play with abandoned animals at the Animal Control shelter? That is an adventure that I encourage ALL of you to take!!

All this is happening while my hubs is working his NEW(2nd)job, not just ANY 2nd job, this job has possible NEW(primary)JOB potential and it has definitely given his current job encouragement!

Oh and then there's my new job title, which is quite an interesting story to tell....if I can figure out how.....

OH MY.......looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!

But first tell me how you did on your budget last year? Did you do year end totals? I finally tallied all mine up when I did my taxes =0)


Thanks for Reading,
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Being a Fire Fighter's Wife (FFW) is extremely hard!

Not for all the reasons that Hollywood Portrays but for the reasons that his absence make me feel like a single mom. I don't fear him not coming home, or being caught in the middle of a burning building, I fear all the moments he's going to miss.

Touch downs made by our boyz, home runs, the winning goal, football practices in the back yard, warming up for the big pitch and all the frustrating moments of being a boy in general brings. All the moments our boyz are going to go through that mom "has" to handle because dad is on shift or working OT.

Now, with all that said I must applaud my hubs for standing up for the importance of family by making us priority over his jobs, even if his superiors disagree. Technology has also become our best friend for keeping him in the loop while he is away.

I can also applaud myself for being so determined to find the silver lining in every difficult situation that I refuse to say being his wife is difficult. Like last week, our baby boy was ill and my hubs was on always......but this shift he was working in the ER which meant I was able to receive a doctors advice with out the hassle of a copay. I also have a new respect for a soldiers wife.

Yet I still have frustrating moments! Moments when I want to scream because I'm all alone with 3+ kidz who refuse to listen to me. Moments when there is not enough time in the day or seconds in the hour and I'm not somewhere I need to be or I have to choose one boy's event over the others because it's impossible to be in 2 places at one time. Moments when I feel like no one understands what I am struggling with or they choose to ignore it.

Being a FFW means; when my hubs is on shift...I AM a single mother!

Then I found this The author (Lori) is a FFW that connects with what I go through. Though I follow several FFW blogs, Lori constantly posts about the different struggles all situations deal with. Such as shift changes, OT when kidz are ill, attending 2 ballgames in the same hour and she even hosts guest posts from other FFW to share their struggles and tips to over come them. She also hosts a private group on FB where FFWs can vent without, those who don't understand's, judgement. So I joined and then....I had second thoughts. Not everyone shares my silver lining attitude, in fact I'm not sure anyone does?

In the first week all I saw was complaining, some labeled their whines as "venting" but it was a little too extreme for me. Like I said being a FFW is frustrating but it doesn't suck! and in no way is it horrible! But if it does for you, if you think being a FFW sux or you are living this horrible life in the midst of his need some professional help and or marriage counselling, not a private FB group!

I'm saying this after my first week, because I had to walk away from my computer for a while. I mean I don't even know these women and they were starting to aggravate me. Seriously! A FF schedule is constantly inconsistent so you ALWAYS prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Any veteran FFW should know this!

Then there are the FFW that aren't even wives, engaged I get but girlfriends I don't!

This group was not what I was looking for!


Evidently I was not the only one feeling this way. Lori has since posted a doc on Social Media Etiquette, advise on all the reasons we need to stay positive and supportive for one another. To be careful about what you post or what your comment, beware it may be taken out of context and not everyone shares your same opinion, so ask yourself "how important is it?".

This was much like the sermon our youth pastor preached to our teenagers............?

My favorite advise is; 
"Don't just drop in and complain  
Try to engage here just as you would if you were sitting face to face  
having a conversation with someone.  
You wouldn't walk into a social gathering, 
drop all your worries and complaints, and then leave."


I must say the atmosphere has gotten better and it isn't so much as a "b!^$# fest" anymore. We have started doing the Love Dare together, encouraging one another through and helping out those that are struggling. Its not as hard to tone out the ones that dwell in drama and I LOVE the fact that I am meeting women from around the world. The idea of FF girlfriends being there isn't so bad, I still disagree but maybe they can see the reality of this life instead of the glamour..... there glamour? lol

So if you are a FFW I do encourage you to check out and even their private FB group (you can find the link on her site) I look forward to seeing you there ;-)

Thanks for Reading,
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I have seen this idea ALL OVER Pinterest and thought it looked easy enough to try.

However the pancake stuck to the cookie cutter....UGH!!!

Thanks for Reading,
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Punishing my boyz is something I battle with constantly. I honestly see nothing wrong with spanking as a form of punishment. I know some of you may disagree, but....

To each his own!

However, I also believe that spanking will not work for every child at every age, like my middle man, for instance, who is strong as an ox and stubborn as a mule. It just teaches him to be overly aggressive  which is why the corner doesn't work either.

When my oldest reached this point in his childhood journey counting backwards from 10 (in the corner) worked quite well for calming him down, but yet again...not for my middle man.

So last week while visiting Pinterest...

to what did my wondering eyes did appear?

A "Calm Down" Jar

Oh my! What is a "Calm Down" Jar?

Well it is much like a snow globe only thicker and with out the ornaments. Shake it up and it will take the glitter a few minutes to settle to them bottom (depending on how thick your solution is).

The theory is; while placing your child in time out he/she concentrates on the glitter and is not able to get out until ALL the glitter has settled as a result calming he/she down.

And this is suppose to work?

It is definitely worth a try!!

So here is goes;

  • Ingredients needed
    • Clear Tacky Glue
    • Fine Glitter
    • Mason Jar filled with colored water of your choose
    • super glue for the lid

I only had big glitter flakes on hand which wasn't too bad but because of the weight my supplies for one jar ended making.... well...several

this jar is 10mins
this jar is 2.5min

Now being that I am a little OCD I didn't glue my lids until I had just the right concoction for the right amount of time for my middle man to be in time out (1min per age). And being that I made several jars I was able to make one for each boy ;-)

I even gave several 3mins away to friends to see how it worked for them.

Now for my middle man I think he is more grossed out than anything, however he is learning to calm down a little faster ;-)

What do you think? is it worth a try?

Have you tried them?

Thanks for Reading,
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